Class Descriptions

We offer comprehensive, interactive and engaging group and private classes for kids and young adults.  Classes include: formal and business dining etiquette, greetings + introductions and public speaking.

We also offer private sessions for: College Prep, Career Guidance, Readiness and Leadership Program and Life Skills Boot Camp.


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Greetings and Introductions
This class provides the fundamentals of building self-esteem and how to make a great First Impression. Through interactive role-play and one-on-one instruction, students master how to make proper introductions, improve posture, voice control/projection, maintain eye contact and give confident hand shakes. Students master non-verbal social cues and learn the importance of  interpreting body language. This class improves self-awareness, inspires self confidence and empowers each student to discover their voice when interacting and socializing with others.  We give students the necessary tools to overcome shyness, embrace their individuality and perfect the art of greeting and introductions. The results are amazing! Parents see results and our students embrace their newfound confidence!

DINING ETIQUETTE: Formal and Business 
Our table manners and dining class teaches the social graces of European and American style dining. Students learn table manners and dining etiquette to last a lifetime. In our formal dining etiquette class, students master the art of perfecting the rules of napkin etiquette and use of finger bowls to proper use of utensils and how to formally set a 3 – 4 course table. We also offer business dining etiquette for young adults and professionals seeking to elevate their business acumen in the corporate world.  Upon completion of our class,  students are poised, polished and confident navigating a formal or business dining experience effortlessly.

In our intro to public speaking class, we introduce the fundamentals of public speaking. Students learn techniques to overcome “nervous jitters” and how to present with ease. This class provides students with simple strategies to speak with confidence in informal and formal settings.  We provide an easy-to-comprehend roadmap for students to master the art of mind mapping when preparing a concise, thought-provoking and informative presentation. Whether giving a speech in class to making new friends, this class provides students the skills to present with confidence.