The New School of Etiquette offers an engaging and interactive environment for students to develop social intelligence, dining etiquette, social and leadership skills. We are committed to educating and promoting  positive self-image for children and adults via private and group sessions.

Our mission is to educate and empower young minds to achieve greatness beyond academics. We strongly believe that social intelligence and etiquette are equally important as academic excellence.

At The New School of Etiquette, our teaching methods are anything but rigid. We take a modern approach to teaching etiquette, social intelligence and leadership in a positive, fun and interactive learning environment. We aim to create and develop the absolute best behavioral habits through “Repetition” and consistent “Review” methods.  We encourage teamwork and nurture the individual spirit of each student.

At The New School of Etiquette, we thrive to provide the utmost individual attention, as well as group instruction, and because our program is based on the 3 “R’s” (Repetition, Review and Retention), parents love that The New School of Etiquette’s curriculum was created for extended learning.  Many of our parents re-enroll their children for refresher classes throughout the year or annually to maximize and retain their newly learned social skills.

We nurture and develop well-rounded, well-mannered, confident, independent and self-thinking young minds that thrive in both individual leadership and team roles.

Enrolling your child in The New School of Etiquette will be one of the best investments and decisions you’ll make for your child.