Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Academy – Dining Etiquette Class  

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Academy – Dining Etiquette Class  

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I know growing up we learned to say thank, say please, annunciate your words and first impressions are lasting impressions. But who other than myself thought why so much fuss…those who helped us along the way knew something we didn’t…manners matter!

Proper protocol is essential to our everyday lives whether we know it or not! We say phrases like thank you and please more than we are willing to ever admit. Have you heard the saying “practice makes perfect”? So have I! And that’s why the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority has asked the New School of Etiquette Founder and Owner, Tatia Adams Fox to host a dining etiquette class for girls ages 14 – 18 on Feb 7 at 10am at the Carey Hilliard’s Restaurant. The girls will learn American and European Style Dining.

“I love when children, especially young girls are genuinely interested in learning table manners. It’s very important to master dining skills at a young age so that it becomes innate behavior before that big interview, special dinner or occasion. We especially love when our parents tell us they are learning new things from having enrolled their children in our New School of Etiquette classes. I am honored that the Delta Sigma Theta Academy invited me to share my knowledge and expertise with young women”, says Tatia Adams Fox.

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Remember to practice, practice, practice because Manner’s Matter!