We celebrated our new semester in our new location on Saturday January 17th!

Even with all of the excitement of meeting new friends and getting acquainted, our mini-manner mavens were nervous, yet eager to learn.

We began our day with getting to know each other with “Tell Me Something Interesting About Yourself”. From there, we jumped right into our first lessons of how to make a great first impression.

They learned the 3 basic rules of how to make a proper introduction, two new vocabulary words: “FIRM” and “DUPLICATE”, and the importance of voice projection, use of body language and walking with purpose.

We ended our first day of classes with special guest Morgan Wilson, Miss Savannah State University 2014. Each of our students practiced their newly learned skills with Ms. Morgan by introducing themselves. It was amazing to watch!

At the NSOE we thrive on building positive new behavior. Repetition of newly learned behavior and vocabulary from our class is key in developing innate behavior.

I look forward to seeing my students this Saturday.


Tatia Adams Fox
Certified Etiquette and International Protocol Instructor
President, Founder
New School of Etiquette