NSOE Host Career Workshop for Mariah Carey’s “Camp Mariah” Graduates

The New School of Etiquette hosted a career workshop for 17 graduates of Camp Mariah this quarter.  From proper introductions to what to do before, during and after an interview, students gained valuable knowledge on “How to Outclass the Competition” when going through the interviewing process.

Camp Mariah, a Fresh Air Fund Career Career Awareness Camp enables nearly 300 inner-city adolescents to explore educational paths and career options, while enjoying camp adventures.  Camp Mariah offers a unique setting to engage boys and girls in an educational curriculum and prepares them for the world of work. Intensive three-and-a-half week summer sessions and weekend camping trips are complemented by year-round activities in New York City. Children enter the five year program in the sixth grade and graduate from Camp Mariah in the 10th grade. Graduates continue their involvement and commitment with Camp Mariah either through volunteering, attending special workshops or venturing into other programs headed by Fresh Air Fund.

This was a great experience working with these students. Focused, driven and hungry for knowledge, I understand perfectly why each student was hand selected by Fresh Air Fund to participate in such an important program in helping them develop their career and life goals.  I am so very happy that The New School of Etiquette was able to be a part of their continual learning experience.

Camp Mariah is named after Board member Mariah Carey for her generous support and dedication to Fresh Air children.

The New School of Etiquette is excited about 2012 and our involvement with Fresh Air Fund’s programs to educate, empower and encourage students.

What a great way to begin the holidays!!  Special thanks to Adrienne Trinka, Development Coordinator for The Fresh Air Fund.