New School of Etiquette Volunteers for New York Women’s Foundation and Girls, Inc.

What happens when you have 75 women from various businesses ranging from investment banking to engineering volunteer their time to give career advice to 200 ambitious teenage girls?

Simply said, IT’S MAGIC!

On Saturday, Oct 22, 2011, I was so very fortunate to spend an entire day meeting young ladies whose dreams, ambitions and plans for living a productive life and having a successful career were inspiring to me. I thought to myself, I am here to inspire you, and instead, each girl that I had the opportunity to sit and speak with inspired me.

Listening to their dreams and learning about the obstacles they are overcoming or have conquered reminded me that having faith, a dream and taking action to pursue those dreams is sometimes all you need to see those dreams become reality. So many of the girls repeated throughout the day, “I know what I want to do, I just need guidance”. They we’re so very appreciative and happy to see so many successful women spend time with them and provide the advice they so desperately need and want. 

The girls attending the Career Luncheon presented by New York Women’s Foundation ( and hosted by Girls, Inc ( provided an entire day of career and personal development workshops ranging from financial planning and how to begin saving money to how to be a leader and staying fit.

I was very honored to share my personal experience as an entrepreneur with young women as early as 16 who also envision themselves owning a business one day. They we’re prepared, asked well-thought out questions and most importantly, possessed the drive and positive attitude that is certainly needed to achieve success.

This was truly time well spent. Kudos to Jennifer Weidenbaum, Associate Executive Director of GIRLS, INC. and her entire team for providing such a wonderful program “to deliver life-changing programs that inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold.”