MAY: Manners Month with ASP at Marshall Elementary School

The New School of Etiquette kicked off it’s Month of May Manners with ASP at Marshall Elementary School. We had 35 plus students attend our classes.

The kids we’re super excited to learn how to make a great “First Impression” and how to dine using proper etiquette. From giving firm hand shakes and maintaining eye-contact, to learning how to eat soup (using dry Cheerios) and the proper use of a knife (cutting fresh strawberries and bananas), students loved every second of the class.

Each workshop began with basic yoga and meditation to relax students after a long day in school, followed by an interactive ice breaker activity before beginning our group and individual sessions.  During role-play, they dressed in princess gowns, dinner jackets and ties to practice their newly learned social skills.

MANY THANKS to Vivian Perry, ASP On-Site Director, Irene Gallagher, Director of ASP, Adrienne Mtume, Associate Director of ASP, and to the entire team of ASP at Marshall Elementary. The kids had an amazing time and so did we!

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Special thanks to Ms. Perry, Sarah, Ms. Roth and the entire ASP team for Marshall Elementary.