I read that you offer classes in Georgia, New York and New Jersey. Where are your exact locations?
We offer weekly classes at three physical locations in New Jersey: South Orange, Englewood Cliffs and Hoboken, New Jersey.  We also host group monthly and private classes in Atlanta, Georgia.

I’m a educator and would like to incorporate the NSOE’s program with our core curriculum or offer special workshops, how does this work?
Several private schools have incorporated our 9 month social intelligence, leadership and etiquette program with their academic curriculum. Our school year begins September and ends June to coincide with New Jersey’s calendar school year. Special workshops can also be customized to meet your objectives. Enhancing a strong academic curriculum with our multi-layered programs provides a strong foundation in creating a one-of-a-kind well-rounded educational experience.

I’m a PTA Board member, Girl Scout Mom and participate on several organizations that could benefit from the New School of Etiquette.  Do you offer group workshops year round, including summers? We service several public and private organizations in the country. We’re no stranger to hosting super fun dining, leadership and social intelligence classes for PTA fundraisers and/or auctions,  country club events for kids, Girl Scout activities, as well as sessions for debutante galas.   We are happy to customize the perfect program for your needs. One-time only classes or a series of etiquette and social intelligence classes are available.

Why enroll my child in the New School of Etiquette? It’s simple. We all want the absolute best for our children. We want to expose them to different experiences that will develop well-rounded, productive adults. We enroll our children in everything from language classes to ballet, gymnastics, soccer, swimming and music lessons to name a few. We enroll them in classes not expecting a maven in the making, but to expose their expanding minds to new experiences. Enrolling your child in the New School of Etiquette is an investment that will yield the greatest personal rewards now and for years to come. We are dedicated and committed to educating and promoting social protocol and decorum for young, developing and impressionable minds. Lessons learned at the New School of Etiquette will last a lifetime.

What can my child expect? Your child can expect an interactive, fun-filled learning environment. There is group instruction, with emphasis on individual attention. We maintain small groups in each class to ensure every student receives the utmost attention. We incorporate role playing and apply real life scenarios with every lesson. Not only does this make learning life skills fun, it engages and promotes leadership, creative and critical thinking skills. We approach each child as an individual. We encourage and empower them to ask questions and challenge them in a nurturing and empowering environment.

Do you offer discounts for siblings?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount for siblings.

How long is each program? Each class? The Beginner, Intermediate, Advance and Life Skills Programs are 3 month programs, which includes 4 classes per month.  We also offer a comprehensive 5 week College Prep, Career Guidance and Leadership Program for ages 16++.   All programs meet once per week for 1 hour.

Why can’t I stay for class? In order for each student to fully gain the experience of each class, we want parents “out of sight – out of mind” so students can focus on the task at hand. We all know our children act differently when parents are are not present.

How can I be sure my child will retain what they are learning? Retention and comprehension are two key components of our teaching methods, and the foundation of our entire program. Through creative and interactive role play, we develop lasting behavioral habits that will last a lifetime. We provide fun individual attention and stress-free quizzes every week to review what we’ve learned. We also provide take-home literature/handouts for parents to see what lessons are being taught each week. Parents play a vital role in helping our students retain and practice their newly learned social protocol and decorum skills. Repetition is key.