Class Descriptions

We offer the only 9 month leadership, etiquette, life skills and social intelligence curriculum in the country, including: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance programs. Each program is 3 months, totaling 9 courses for ages 6 – 16.  For adult classes, click here.

We also offer two special programs: College Prep, Career Guidance, Readiness and Leadership Program and Life Skills Boot Camp

BEGINNER (Ages 6 – 13): 3 Month Program/$240

{GREETINGS + INTRODUCTIONS} –  is our introductory class to the program. This course provides the fundamentals of building self-esteem and how to make a great First Impression. Through interactive role-play and one-on-one instruction, students master how to make proper introductions, improve posture, voice control/projection, maintain eye contact and give confident hand shakes. Students master non-verbal social cues and learn the importance of  interpreting body language. This class improves self-awareness, inspires self confidence and empowers each student to discover their voice when interacting and socializing with others.  We give students the necessary tools to overcome shyness, embrace their individuality and perfect the art of greeting and introductions. The results are amazing! Parents see results, students embrace their newfound confidence!

{EUROPEAN + AMERICAN STYLE DINING} – Our table manners and dining class teaches all the social graces and business dining etiquette they’ll need to last a lifetime. From perfecting the rules of napkin etiquette and use of finger bowls to proper use of utensils and how to formally set a 3 – 4 course table, they’ll have the aptitude to feel confident at any family style or formal dining setting. Students learn and master the difference between European and American style dining.

{INTRO/PUBLIC SPEAKING} – In our intro to public speaking class, we introduce the fundamentals of public speaking. Students learn techniques to overcome “nervous jitters” and how to present with ease. This class provides students with simple strategies to speak with confidence in informal and formal settings. Whether giving a speech in class to making new friends, this class gives students the necessary skills set to speak concisely, clearly and with most importantly, with confidence.


INTERMEDIATE (Ages 6 – 13): 3 Month Program/$240

{SOCIALLY SAVVY} – Upon graduation from our Beginner’s Program in “Greetings and Introductions”, students continue to develop and build a strong social intelligence foundation via our “Socially Savvy” Intermediate classes.

Here’s how…

  • Each week we deep dive in a series of diverse, thought-provoking and interactive real-life role play scenarios to improve and develop their communication and social skills.
  • Through trial and error in a safe and empowering small group environment, students learn how to think quick on their feet, effectively communicate, navigate and interact with different personality types, how to redirect or avoid uncomfortable topics in social environments and how to appropriately respond in awkward group and one-on-one social exchanges.
  • We provide students easy and empowering “how to” steps to master the art of “breaking the ice” in new and sometimes socially awkward circumstances.
  • Our small group setting provides the ideal environment for each student to receive individual attention. Students learn how to be a good listener, identify, communicate and manage emotions, as well as initiate conflict resolution.

Upon graduating from “Socially Savvy”, parents will see a heightened sense of confidence, independence and social intelligence emerge boldly and in full force after completing this class.

Our deep dive role-play, activities, discussions and classes include, but not limited to:

  • How to lead with confidence in new social settings
  • How to overcome nervous jitters in awkward situations
  • How to speak up for yourself, becoming a confident self-advocate

{DINE LIKE A DIPLOMAT} – Our Intermediate/”Dine Like A Diplomat” program teaches students the art of conversation and the mastery of business-style dining etiquette. Students master the same business dining etiquette skills as seasoned executives, diplomats and well-rounded individuals. Each week, students gather at our formal dining table to share and explore ideas in a fun and interactive environment.  They’ll also learn to speak and read basic French menus. Our Certified French Instructor, cheerfully guides each student through fun and interactive French language – learning activities. Upon graduating from our Intermediate/Dine Like A Diplomat program, students are 5-Star ready for formal dining from New York to Paris, France!

Students will also master:

  • Dining service code
  • Toast Protocol
  • Host Duties
  • How to Make Dinner Reservations
  • Basic understanding of American and French menus
  • Formal table setting and navigation of a 5-6 course meal

{SPEAK WITH EASE} – This is one of our most popular classes with parents and students (eventually). The transformation, development and growth experienced from our “Public Speaking” class to our “Speak with Ease” is amazing! This class promotes self-awareness, builds confidence, celebrates individuality and empowers the inner voice and opinions of aspiring young minds. Each week, students gain more confidence while formally presenting and leading discussions in subjects, interests and hobbies that genuinely excite them. We capture the essence of their personality, explore their interests and provide tools and weekly exercises to overcome speaking in front of an audience. They learn the importance of managing and effectively using body language on a stage (big or small) and how to perfect their pitch with clear and concise messaging when sharing their stories and ideas. This class and the lessons learned are guaranteed to extend beyond classroom presentations in school. The skills mastered at this age will undoubtedly better prepare them for class, college presentations and those boardroom meetings! Parents VOTED this class as their #1 Favorite Class at the NSOE. Without a doubt, after taking this class, they’ll “Speak with Ease”.


To inquire or register for the Advance, College and Career or Life Skills Program email us.

ADVANCE (Ages 14 – 16): 1 Month Program/$240

Our Advance Program is perfect for high school and college bound students who want to outclass the competition, dine like a diplomat and become better public speakers. It is a culmination of our Beginner and Intermediate programs specially created for young adults (ages 14-16). Our Advance Program provides a solid pre-college foundation and real world roadmap for students to gain a greater sense of independence and confidence. This program provides a solid foundation for every student to excel and navigate effortlessly in diverse social environments. This is course is a “must” in developing well rounded, socially savvy future leaders.


College and Career Guidance Program (Ages 15++)

**Available via small groups and individual customized private sessions**

Students receive individual attention from Career and Leadership Coach Adams Fox (, a 2011 graduate of The Protocol School of Washington and Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education in Leadership and Management. With over 18 years of leadership and management experience at Fortune 500 companies, she skillfully counsels, guides and empowers students to learn and amplify their “it” factor whether preparing for college and/or entering the workforce for the first time.

This program provides young adults, ages 15 and older with strong interviewing, leadership and social skills.  Individual attention is given to each student in a challenging, but empowering and nurturing environment. Students learn to explore and pair passions and academic studies with potential career and college programs that may not have been considered prior enrolling in this program.

Students gain a greater sense of confidence, professionalism, business acumen and expectation for themselves through interactive, thought-provoking and engaging activities and exercises. This program provides each student customized college, career and passion point blueprints to pursue and pair their life, college and career goals strategically.

Career Guidance & Readiness (2 Sessions: $200.00)  Multiple studies have proven knowing your passion and purpose can make the difference between raising a happy soon-to-be adult doing what they love for a living, or an adult doing what they must to maintain a living. Our sessions push the envelope and challenges students to fully explore and discover their true passions through various fun and interactive personality and special interest activities, career design surveys and more. Students explore various occupations and industries that speak to their true passions and interests. They gain a better understanding of how to pursue specific majors and colleges based on interests, passion points and academics.  Our sessions are fun and engaging because each student learns how to successfully align their passions with high school, college and career experiences.

Interviews & Internships (2 Sessions: $300) We provide a strategic and smart approach to identifying and/or creating internship opportunities that are a good fit based on interests, passions and career goals. Through engaging and jam-packed information based discussions, students learn step-by-step how to strategically pursue and increase their chances of securing/creating their dream internship. Students also have the opportunity to actively explore real opportunities through individual, group and one-on-one coaching with Adams Fox. The entire personal and professional development from beginning to end builds character,  confidence, promotes leadership and better prepares each student for real world experience.

  • Resume Building
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Effective Networking & Communication Skills
  • How To Create a Village of Mentors


Life Skills Program (Ages 6-15)
Our Life Skills Program provides the ultimate one stop program for young adults to master everyday life skills in the real world. We teach life lessons that aren’t always taught in school. We assist and double the efforts of parents dedicated to raising independent, confident, solutions-driven, respectful and well-rounded individuals.

Through various one-on-one, individual and small group activities, we provide thought-provoking real life scenarios and challenges for students to problem-solve as intentional leaders and team players. We nurture and build confident, compassionate and diverse thinkers who expect the best of themselves and lead by example.

Life Skills Program Teaches and Improves:
– Conflict Resolution
– Effective Time Management
– Communication Skills
– Strategic Thinking
– Creative Solutions
– Balancing Academics and Social Life
– Leadership Skills
– Team Player Skills
– Social Intelligence Skills
– Crisis Management
– Productivity
– Independent Thinking

Program includes 3 Life Skills topics, including: Life Skills at Home, School and  Vacation.

#1: Life Skills At Home: $300.00/ 3 Sessions
Roles + Responsibilty : Students will explore new household monthly chores, initiate family teamwork, learn accountability and commit to a chore schedule worth honoring
Home Alone: In case of emergency: Top 6 ways to effectively react, think fast and exercise critical thinking in various at-home emergencies
Know Where, When & How To Use The Top 5 Must-Haves at Home: First-Aid Kit, Emergency Fund, Emergency Phone List, Flashlights, Charged Phone
Savvy Shopper: This fun interactive class teaches students how to exercise their new found independence. Financial literacy improves through managing mock grocery budgets and shopping, as well organization, critical thinking and communication skills. The result, self-sufficient and confident young adults who happily become larger household contributors and team players.

#2: Life Skills At School: $300.00/3 Sessions
Balancing Academics and Social Life:
Prioritizing and Time Management for homework, social life and after school activities.
Important Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media: To Post, Or Not Post….That is the Question
Rules of Engagement: Self Respect + Communication + Honesty with Peers and Adults

#3: Life Skills On Vacation: $300.00/3 Sessions
Savvy Traveler: Students select a destination and plan an entire “mock” trip from beginning to end for the entire family. From learning how to book hotel, airfare and destination activities to packing effectively and planning travel mishaps, this class guarantees a change in your little travelers. Through fun activities, students will learn ever step of airport check-in to the do’s and don’ts of proper travel and passenger etiquette on planes, trains, taxis and more.

Class Locations
Work and Play Building
19 Prospect Street
South Orange, NJ 

Happy Hello Building
33 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Celebrate Life Studio
1200 Park Avenue
Hoboken, NJ